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In today’s progressive & demanding times of ever upgrading UPS advancement in technology, the concern for safety of your state of the art equipment used in factories, offices or homes assumes primary importance. With a technology strong orientation and a design philosophy based on a commitment to power engineering , Power Gun Systems excels in its ability to provide site specific solutions, custom made to meet the customers specific power needs, by carefully matching power supply/Load combination for reliable systems operation and a satisfied user.
Authorized Sales & Service Partner for APC - UPS..  

20 years of excellence in the field.  Authorized Dealer for SUPRA D.G.S. & D. Supply.

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We are Power Gun Systems, your Reliable, Quality Supplier of Power Equipments.
You know us as a “Supplier of Quality UPS & Stabilizers” But we are Much More than that. We provide you with a Complete Bouquet of Power Solutions & Equipments ( for eg. Battery Chargers, DCPS, Lift UPS etc.)
We have strengthen our R & D as well as Service Network. You can access all our Products through this Website.

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Email : sales1@powergunups.com
Contact : +91-22-28484701/2/3/4/6/9
Mobile No: : +91-9323122117
Fax: +91-22-28484705.
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