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CVT'S advantages over Servo Stabilizer
  • CVT'S response to input variation is much faster than that of servo stabilizer.Around 10msec. 
  • CVT does not pass on the surges to the output side which are present on the input side. 
  • CVT has no moving parts at all, thus bringing maintenance cost to almost zero. 
  • CVT combines all the features of an isolation transformer, surge supressor &RFI-EMI Fliter, thus bringing down the cost. 
  • CVT has inbuilt instantaneous short circuit protection. 
  • CVT us highly reliable. 
Working Principle of a CVT
CVT uses the principle of ferro-resonance in which ouput winding is resonated with the help of select value of high stability capacitors. This resonating circuit gives rise to saturation of the core which prevents variation in the output against changes in the input voltage.

 Input Voltage  170v to 260v
 Output Voltage  220 + 10% V AC , Single Phase, 50 Hz230v Tapping 220v available.
 Efficiency  More than 87 % at full load
 Output Regulation  ± 2% at No load to full load
 Over Load  50 + 1 HzOutput voltage trips if over loaded
 Output Isolation  Greater than 100M
 Load Power Factor  0.75 lag to 0.9 lead
 Line Frequency  50Hz ± 0.5%.
 Distortion  Less than 5%
 Transformer Type  Ferro - Resonant

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